Bloomington-Normal's new generation of entrepreneurs.

BN New Tech Meetup

Monthly on Tuesday Nights – ISU College of Business
Five presenters get five minutes each to pitch their idea with a 5-minute Q&A from the crowd. The best of the best get to pitch their idea to the Angel Investor Group, receive funding and bring their idea to life.

BN New Tech Meetup is a community of geeks, entrepreneurs, and doers who live, work, and/or play around the Bloomington-Normal area. We host monthly events in Normal, IL at the State Farm Hall of Business Building on Illinois State University’s campus (south end of the quad in the business building). Find information here.

BN Bootstrappers

Monthly on Wednesday nights – internrocket headquarters (downtown Bloomington)
Build a team and make things happen for your idea.

A sort of hackerspace, makerspace, dev space where people with ideas team up with other people who have the skills to bootstrap their idea into existence. Find information here.

BN Hackerspace

Tuesday Nights – Slingshot CoWork (uptown Normal)
Learn about tech and make stuff.

The Bloomington-Normal Hackerspace is an up and coming hackerspace based out of Bloomington-Normal, IL. We welcome hackers, developers, and makers of all ages! Find information here.

BN Open Coffee Club

Monday Mornings – Slingshot CoWork (uptown Normal)
Meet like minded people and brainstorm ideas.

An “unmeeting” where people with ideas for startups/products/innovative-ness can meet and collaborate with each other in a totally informal setting. Find information here.