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Every Friday for two years, Michael and his team would leave their day jobs to head straight to hackathons they hosted to work and develop with the best coders in the area. “We started at 5pm each Friday and went until 5am on Saturday for about two years.” On average they would get between 10 and 15 programmers, two of which are now employed full-time by the startup.  “It was a fantastic way to eat our own dog food as they say.  We believe in getting to work quickly to cut through all the talk.  We think it brings the truth to light.  You know, is this actually going to work, the working relationship.  So we created a short, quick way to start working with programmers.  They come for a night and if it’s something they like and we like — they keep coming back.”

Originally published on Under30CEO, read the full article and listen to the podcast here: Internship Finder: interview with’s Michael Somers featured on Under30CEO is an online internship finder that uses a mix of micro-projects and internships to intelligently match people with perfect job fits at rocket speed.