Venture Capital Fund

Emerging Business Capital

The first fund dedicated exclusively for entrepreneurs in Bloomington Normal.

Emerging Business Services is pleased to announce the first venture capital fund exclusively for businesses located in Bloomington-Normal.

Why does Bloomington-Normal need its own Venture Capital Fund?

Access to financial capital is crucial for a vibrant and thriving startup and emerging company community.

Why is a Venture Capital Fund important to Emerging Business Services?

1. ) Emerging Business Services is committed to creating a strong bond between entrepreneurs in Central Illinois and the sources from which they are funded. We want those sources to have strong roots in Central Illinois.

2.) As highly successful businesses emerge from our community, they will have strong roots in Central Illinois from both a financial and human capital perspective, helping ensure they remain here throughout their growth cycle.

3.) Emerging Business Services is committed to re-landscaping Bloomington-Normal with a vibrant startup and emerging company community, and the venture capital fund is an important tool in accomplishing that purpose.

Bloomington Normal Angel Investor Network 2014 Q1 shot of the crowd